How long will the installation take?

Typically 3 – 5 hours.

Can I still use my old remotes?

Yes, but the intention is to never need to again.

Can it be installed on multiple iDevices?

Yes, as many as you have. But ideally the system should only be controlled from maximum 3 iDevices at once. Which would almost never happen! Why would 3 people want to control the TV at the same time?

Can I still have PUSH if my equipment is not at the same position as my TV screen?

As long as there is a cable running from the equipment to the screen for IR then, Yes. The PUSH box would reside with the equipment remotely and we would use the cable running from this equipment to the TV as an IR input into the PUSH Box

Can you control multiple zones?

Yes, just need to purchase another PUSH Controller system. Then on the iDevice you will have the option to select, for instance, Living Room or Master Bedroom.

Will the Push Controller be able to be used on any other platform?

By June we will be able to upload the GUI to any Android phone or Tablet.

Can I use my existing Wireless Network?

A strong robust wireless network is important to ensure that PUSH works consistently.

How does my iDevice connect to my PUSH Controller?

Through a strong wireless network your iDevice connects to the internal network. The PUSH Controller also sits on this network enabling them to communicateeasily.

Can you Control a Playstation 3?

We can control all functionality besides ON and OFF. This will need to be done manually. The purchase of an additional USB dongle is required.

Can you control Apple TV


Can you Control SONOS?

The PUSH Controller can set the Amplifier to the correct input for SONOS. Once this is done you will need to double click the iDevices button and open the SONOS application.

Can you use PUSH remotely from the home?

At this stage it can’t. But we will be able to in the future.

Can my PUSH Controller control any other systems?

If you have a lighting control system or a security system that is able to be controlled through high level communication, Push will be integrate seamlessly.

How many devices can I control?

The PUSH Controller can control:
  1. Up to 8 IR devices. i.e. TV, Amplifier, DVD, Blu Ray, Set Top Box etc.
  2. It will also control 1 serial device. i.e. Security system or lighting control system

What is ‘IR’?

IR is the way a standard remote control communicates with a piece of hardware. IR stands for Infra Red.  It is a wireless technology that enables communication to Audio Visual Equipment. Unlike other wireless technologies, it is directional and will only work when there is a line of sight between the emitting device and the receiving device.

Can I use Push to control other TV Areas in my Home?

Yes,  you simply need to purchase another PUSH Controller box. Then on the iDevice you will have the option to select, for example, your Living Room or Master Bedroom.

What happens when I get a new iPhone or iPad?

When you purchase a new iPhone or iPad your installer will be able to upload the control to your new phone easily and quickly.

Can I have Push at home and at my holiday house?

The PUSH Controller can be installed in multiple locations without any problems. So, next time you go to your holiday house you can have the same convenience that you do at home.

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